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Acids Bases and the PH Scale


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I   n this lab, you will gain an understanding of the basic differences between the properties of acids and bases.   Know the role of hydrogen and hydroxide ions in acids   and bases. Comprehend the nature of the pH scale with   regards to acid and base strength. Students will examine   the effects of acids and bases on several chemical pH   indicators, determine the pH of several common household   materials, and use the knowledge gained to   determine the composition of four unknown clear   solutions. There are enough materials for 15 groups.   Teacher’s manual and student copy masters are included.     Materials included in the kit: 1 x Deionized water, 25ml; 1 x Dilute acid (0.1M HCl), 25ml; 1 x Dilute base (0.1M NaOH), 25ml; 1 x 0.5% litmus, 25ml; 1 x 0.02% methyl red, 25ml; 1 x 0.5% bromothymol blue, 25ml; 1 x 1.0% phenolphthalein, 25ml; 1 x Vinegar, 25ml; 1 x Household ammonia, 25ml; 1 x Soap solution, 25ml; 1 x Filtered water, 25ml; 1 x Vitamin C solution, 25ml; 2 x Wide-range pH test strips, pkg/50; 1 x Unknown solution #1, 25ml (Water); 1 x Unknown solution #2, 25ml (Dilute base); 1 x Unknown solution #3, 25ml (Phenolphthalein); 1 x Unknown solution #4, 25ml (Dilute Acid); 15 x Reaction trays.

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