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Set of 25 microscope slides with botanical specimens representing the major plant groups:

  • Chlamydomonas E
  • Spirogyra, vegetative E
  • Spirogyra, conjugation E
  • Mucor, conjugation
  • Zea (maize), root TS
  • Helianthus, stem TS
  • Pinus (pine) leaf TS
  • Prunus (cherry) leaf TS
  • Zea, stem TS
  • Mnium, archegonial head VS
  • Mnium (moss) antheridial head VS
  • Saccharomyces (yeast) budding
  • Penicillium, mycelium and conidia
  • Marchantia (liverwort) thallus, antheridia VS
  • Marchantia, thallus, archegonia VS
  • Marchantia, developing sporogonium VS
  • Dryopteris (fern), pinnule with sori TS
  • Dryopteris prothallus with antheridia and archegonia E
  • Fucus, dioecious antheridial and oogonial conceptacles;
  • Helianthus (sunflower) young root TS
  • Tilia (lime) young and old stem TS
  • Cucurbita (marrow) stem, for sieve tubes LS
  • Ranunculus (buttercup) flower bud LS
  • Pollen grains, wind and insect distribution E
  • Allium (onion) root apex, mitosis LS.

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