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Basic GCSE Slide Set of 25


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Set of 25 glass microscope slides for Biology syllabus:

  • Human blood smear
  • Kidney ts
  • Lily anther tetrads ts
  • Skin, sweat glands Vs
  • Ovary Vs
  • Spinal cord ts
  • Yeast (saccharomyces) e
  • Dicot stem apex ls
  • Dicot stem separate bundles ts
  • Monocot (zea) root ts
  • Allium root tip, mitosis ls
  • Allium root tip,squash
  • Monocot leaf epidermis e
  • Artery and vein ts
  • Squamous epithelium
  • Kidney injected Vs
  • Lung Vs
  • Skin,hair insertion Vs
  • Lung injected Vs
  • Testis ts
  • Pancreas ts
  • Mucor asexual e
  • Moss leaf, for cells
  • Dicot leaf ts
  • Dicot stem old TS

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