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Basic Zoology Slide Set of 25


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Set of 25 slides with aspects from a wide range of the Animal Kingdom:

  • Amoeba E
  • Paramecium E
  • Hydra body wall TS
  • Sycon, colony TS
  • Euglena E
  • Planarian TS
  • Fasciola (liver fluke) E
  • Taenia, mature paraglottid E
  • Ascaris, maleTS
  • Periplaneta, trachea E
  • Rana (frog) ovary TS
  • Rana, testis for spermatogenesis
  • Amphioxus young E
  • Hydra, extended E
  • Hydra, body wall LS
  • Taenia (tapeworm) scolex LS
  • Pediculus (louse) male E
  • Perplaneta (cockroach) head E
  • Ocyctolagus (rabbit) embryo, body TS
  • Pieris (butterfly) imago, proboscis
  • Musca (housefly) imago, head E
  • Scyliorhinus (dogfish) skin with placoid scales VS
  • Lumbricus (earthworm) typhlosole TS
  • Lumbricus, reproductive region E
  • Ascaris (roundworm) female TS

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