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Coil 50 turns


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Coil for Demountable Transformer Kit (code: 231-021). Can be used to supplement the Demountable Transformer kit or can be used in conjunction with the U-Core from this kit (code: PH0849/1) and any combination of the other coils (listed below) for your particular requirements. Has two front-mounted 4mm sockets and is clearly labelled. Note: For connection to 230V mains the 1000-turn Mains Coil (code: 231-028) is required.

Full list of available coils:

  • 231-022: 50 turns, 4A, 0.15Ω
  • 231-023: 100 turns, 2A, 0.55Ω
  • 231-024: 200 turns, 1A, 2.5Ω
  • 231-025: 500 turns, 0.5A, 8.95Ω
  • 231-026: 1000 turns, 0.3A, 39.5Ω
  • 231-027: 2000 turns, 0.05A, 445Ω
  • 231-028: 1000 turns, 1A, 13.5Ω (with 230V mains connector and plug)

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Dimensions 7 × 19 × 11 cm


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