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Comprehensive Histology Slide Set of 50


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Set of 50 glass microscope slides covering major animal histology topics.

  • Spleen, TS
  • Kidney, injected, thick section
  • Tendon, teased, TS
  • Articulation, joint, VS
  • Medulla oblongata, VS
  • Heart, entire organ, LS
  • Ciliated epithelium
  • Adrenal gland, TS
  • Thyroid gland, TS
  • Stomach wall, cardiac region, VS
  • Spermatozoa smear
  • Colon, showing tubular glands, TS
  • Lymphatic, TS
  • Salivary gland, parotid, TS
  • Hyaline cartilage
  • Sciatic nerve, LS
  • Cerebrum, VS
  • Cochlea, guinea pig, VS
  • Ureter, TS
  • Stomach wall, pyloric region, VS
  • Tongue showing taste buds, VS
  • Pituitary gland TS
  • Transitional epithelium, bladder wall, TS
  • Squamous epithelium, isolated cells from mouth
  • Elastic connective tissue, pinna, elastic tissue VS
  • Human blood, thin film
  • Stratified squamous epithelium, oesophagus TS
  • Adipose tissue, section
  • Lung, connective tissue stain TS
  • Stomach wall, fundic VS
  • Myelinated nerve, teased
  • Cerebellum VLS
  • Columnar epithelium TS
  • Eye, entire VS
  • Liver TS
  • Spinal cord TS
  • Kidney TS
  • Ovary showing follicles TS
  • Testis, for spermatogenesis TS
  • Duodenum showing Brunner’s glands TS
  • Non-striated (involuntary) muscle E
  • Striated muscle, showing striations and nuclei LS
  • Pseudostratified cilliated columnar epithelium TS
  • Areolar tissue, stained for fibres and cells E
  • Compact bone, Haversian canals and lamellae TS
  • Skin, hair insertions and sebaceous glands VS
  • Pancreas showing islets of Langerhans TS
  • Ileum, showing villi and goblet cells TS
  • Artery and vein, stained to show elastic fibres, collagen and tunica TS
  • Cardiac muscle, showing nuclei, striations and intercalated discs LS


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