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Comprehensive Biology Slide Set of 50


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Set of 50 glass microscope slides to cover most requirements to GCSE and beyond. Consists of 25 slides from Basic Biology Set (product code: BBS-411) plus the following:

  • Paramecium E
  • Paramecium conjugation E
  • Hydra TS
  • Hydra with ovary TS
  • Hydra with testis TS
  • Taenia (tapeworm) scolex E
  • Taenia proglottid E
  • Compact bone TS
  • Cardiac muscle LS
  • Nerve cells smear
  • Spirogyra conjugation E
  • Lycopodium strobilus LS
  • Lillium anther TS
  • Lillium ovary TS
  • Yeast E
  • Kidney VS
  • Spinal cord TS
  • Skin, hair insertion VS
  • Striated muscle LS
  • Stigma with pollen tube LS
  • Helianthus stem, second thickening
  • Lumbricus (earthworm) typhlosole TS Cucurbita (marrow) stem TS
  • Tilia (lime) young and old stems TS
  • Dryopteris (fern) pinnule with sori TS.

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