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Electrophoresis Lab Station I


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A complete system for introductory agarose gel electrophoresis studies. Now you can economically outfit your classroom with the latest in electrophoresis technology! In addition to a double-gel tank and power supply, you’ll also receive: a lab investigation to introduce your students to the basic principles of agarose gel electrophoresis; an accurate and highly reliable micropipet; a highly interactive CD which will allow your students to recreate their investigations in a virtual lab. Includes: 1 Double-Gel Electrophoresis Chamber; 1 Variable Voltage Power Supply; 1 Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Lab Investigation; 1 Fixed Volume Micropipet, 10 microlitres; 1 DNA Technology & Biotechnology CD-ROM. Accommodates 2 groups of 4 students. NB 230V PSU (code: 605-004) will be substituted when dispatching orders to countries with 230V mains.

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