Gratnell Jumbo Tray Red


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Gratnell Jumbo Tray (F3)




Gratnells Tray available in a range of sizes with various colours and the trays are compatible with a large selection of storage furniture.


The materials used to make the trays has been chosen to enhance the quality and safety features. The trays are made of talc filled Polypropylene, giving it strength and rigidity, ensuring quality. Polypropylene is semi fire resistant and resistant to the majority of corrosive chemicals making it safe for use in a variety of environments.




  • BSI tested and passed for heavy educational use.
  • Available in various colours
  • Available in a virility of sizes
  • All trays fit standard storage furniture
  • Lids and inserts also available
  • Fully recyclable




F1: 75 (H) x 312 (W) x 427mm (L)

F2: 150 (H) x 312 (W) x 427mm (L)

F25: 225 (H) x 312 (W) x 430mm (L) 

F3: 300 (H) x 312 (W) x 430mm (L)

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Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 427 × 312 × 300 cm


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