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High Tension Power Supply


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This High Tension Power supply is designed specifically for thermionic experiments, such as the Teltron double fine beam tube. It can also be used for experiments requiring a high tension supply such as ionization current etc. It provides two independent outputs of 0-35V and 0-350V, 100mA maximum, with continuously adjustable voltages. Two auxiliary cathode heater outputs are also provided. All outputs are fully isolated from earth. Bright 12.5mm green LED display indicating HT output. Shrouded sockets suitable for standard 4mm plugs or shrouded plugs.


  • Input: 220V-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Outputs: 0-35 and 0-350V, fully regulated and maximum current is 100mA
  • Mains supply: 230V ±5%, 50Hz
  • Fuse: 1A (L)
  • Dimensions: 208 x 155 x 115mm (W x H x D). Height including handle is 187mm.
  • Primary is protected by slow-blow fuse and thermal trips.
  • Two auxiliary output of 6.3V a.c. 1A for cathode heaters, protected by resettable fuse.
  • Independent Earth Terminal is provided.

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Weight 3.1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 23 × 25.5 cm


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