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Lin Expansion Apparatus (Scale reading)


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Two black metal pillars on a grey metal base, both drilled to hold metal specimens in the form of thin rods. Three rods of different metals are provided with thinner versions of two of these. An engraved scale with a sprung metal pointer is attached to one of the pillars to record the thermal expansion of the rods. Heating can be either by a spirit lamp or Bunsen burner. The spirit lamp has the advantage that it can be placed under each rod and left there. The Bunsen burner has to be hand-held but gives greater heating. The effective length of the rod when mounted between the pillars is 210mm. The pointer has a velocity ratio of 2.5. Moderate heating is sufficient to show that metals expand when heated and that different metals expand by different amounts. The apparatus, whilst clearly showing qualitative comparisons, is not intended to give accurate quantitative results.

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