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A kit of magnets and accessories in a compartmental storage tray is consists of:

  • Chrome steel horse shoe magnet with approx. 100mm length
  • Alnico bar magnet (75×15)mm (length x width) with 9mm thickness
  • Alnico bar magnet (37×14)mm (length x width)with 9mm thickness
  • Alnico Cylindrical magnet (100×10)mm (length x dia.)
  • Ceramic bar magnet (70×15)mm (length x width)with 10mm thickness
  • Ceramic ring magnet (25×5)mm (dia. x thickness)
  • Disc magnets (18×3)mm ( dia. x thickness)
  • Alnico horse shoe magnet (27×8)mm (length x thickness)
  • Alnico button magnet with 18mm diameter.
  • Alnico button magnet with 12mm diameter.
  • Plotting compass with 20mm dia.
  • Plotting compass with 16mm dia.
  • Flexible magnetic rubber sheets of different colours
  • Metal discs of different materials 8

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 19 × 15 × 4 cm


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