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Micro Voltmeter


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The Microvoltmeter is an effective and robust replacement for a spot galvanometer with nine ranges from 100µV to 3µV. The input resistance is 10MO/V and is 1K on the 100V range which is considerably better than a spot galvanometer. The instrument has a large moving coil meter which can be auto-zeroed by a membrane button switch. Input is by way of 4mm sockets or, for very low voltages where a shielded lead is preferred, UHF socket.


  • Measurement: 9 ranges, from 100µV to 3µV
  • Input impedance: 10MO per volt, maximum 30MO
  • Input: 4mm socket or UHF socket, complemented by a 4mm socket for negative input
  • Power: PP3 9V battery
  • Dimensions: 208 x 155 x 115mm (W x H x D).
  • Height including handle is 187mm

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Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 14 × 24 × 21 cm


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