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Plant structure slide set includes:

  • Ranunculus t.s. mature root
  • Zea mays t.s. root
  • Allium I.s. root tip for mitosis
  • Cucurbita t.s. & I.s. stem
  • Tilia annual ringed
  • Zea t.s.& I.s. stem
  • Buxus lower epidermis
  • Ranunculus I.s. flower
  • Capsella I.s. ovule
  • Triticum germinating seed
  • Stigma with pollen tube
  • Pollen grains
  • Ligustrum t.s. leaf
  • Vicia young root hairs
  • Lilium t.s. mature anthers pollen
  • Ranunculus t.s. stem
  • Helianthus t.s. stem old secondary thickening
  • Zea t.s. leaf

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