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Microslide Animal Mitosis Lesson Set


Microslide Animal Mitosis Lesson Set

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Set includes Microslide, lesson plan. Set of 8 related 35mm images photographed through a microscope called photomicrographs. Each Microslide is accompanied by a detailed lesson plan designed to stimulate, inform and question students about the topic under stud. The film is mounted in a clear plastic holder that protects it on both sides

  1. The Zygote (750x)
  2. Pro-Metaphase (750x)
  3. Metaphase (750x)
  4. Metaphase – Polar View (750x)
  5. Early Anaphase (750x)
  6. Anaphase (750x)
  7. Telophase (750x)
  8. Late Telophase (750x)

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