Molymod® – Atomod, 2 Organic group set – 6 packs


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Molymod – Atomod, 2 Organic group set – 6 packs

This affordable introductory molecular model pack will let you get started then you can expand as your needs grow.
Box set contains 6 packs of Atomod 2 individually packed in zip lock bags that contains a total of 19 atom parts and 24 links.

Each zip lock bag contains

  • 10 Hydrogen 1-hole, white
  • 4 Carbon 4-holes tetrahedral, black
  • 1 Nitrogen 3-holes pyramidal, blue
  • 2 Oxygen 2-holes angular, red
  • 2 Halogen 1-hole, green
  • 20 Links medium, grey, ML-12
  • 4 Links flexible long, grey, ML-13

Includes product information and instructions for building over 30 molecules.

The Molymod® system is the original, unique, dual-scale system of high quality low-cost molecular models. These enormously popular sets are ideal for college use but are also used by scientists all over the world.

Important notice: Molymod® atomic and molecular model products are not toys! They are intended for use as a scientific educational aid only, and consequently are not suitable for children less than 10 years of old.

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