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Molymod® pre-assembled molecule Sodium Chloride(open)


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Molymod® pre-assembled molecule Sodium Chloride (open)

The models are of two kinds, either OPEN models which use standard grey links to give extended structures, or COMPACT models which use short links and bring the atoms close together giving a semi-space filling type of model.

The Sodium chloride crystal structure will assist the student to better visualize the relationship between cations and anions in ionic structures like table salt. Here concepts like coordination number and the differences between metals, nonmetals and ionic compounds can be explored. Use this structure to into the idea of unit cell, crystal lattice and space groups.

The Molymod® system is the original, unique, dual-scale system of high quality low-cost molecular models. These enormously popular sets are ideal for college use but are also used by scientists all over the world.

Important notice: Molymod® atomic and molecular model products are not toys! They are intended for use as a scientific educational aid only, and consequently are not suitable for children less than 10 years of old.


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