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Organic Chemistry Kit 3 (10BU)


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This set contains 22 items all with size 10/19 ground joints for maximum versatility. Over 20 standard assemblies can be constructed from simple reflux to fractional distillation. Designed for quantities of starting material up to 15g. Housed in foam lined box. Consists of: 1 Liebig Condenser; 1 Dropping funnel 20ml; 1 Flask, pear shaped 25ml; 1 Flask, three neck, 25ml; 3 Flask, round bottom 5ml; 1 Air leak/ stream inlet; 1 Thermometer – 10ºC to 250Cº; 1 Dropping pipette; 1 Rubber teat; 1 Receiver adaptor; 2 Stoppers; 1 Still head; 1 Air condenser; 1 Filter funnel; 1 Receiver tube; 1 Willstatter nail; 1 Gas inlet tube; 1 Drying tube; 1 Stirrer.

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 50.5 × 10.5 × 58.5 cm


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