Raybox Mirrored with accessories (Light & Optic Kit)


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This kit is very useful for reflection, refraction and colour mixing experiments. The Mirrored Raybox (code: EDU528) consists of a light source (12V, 24W lamp) producing a convergent, divergent or parallel beam. On one end there is an adjustable cylindrical convex lens (for parallel beam) and a triple aperture system for colour mixing experiments at the other end. (Lateral aperture is provided with adjustable hinged mirror). All apertures in the box are provided with vertical channels to hold slit-plates and colour filters. The optical set includes: Acrylic blocks; a set of three mirrors; 2 black slit-plates, one with three narrow slits at one end and one narrow slit at the other, one with four narrow slits at one end and one wide slit at the other; a set of seven mounted colour filters.

(12V powersupply not included; Use code:605-064)

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