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Ripple Tank – Premium Model


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As the water waves have the advantage of being visible and can be move at a rate that enables us to see what is happening, which helps in studying the properties of the electromagnetic waves, sound waves or waves in other contexts they all act and spread as waves in the surface of the water.When waves produce on the water tank, then the images are projected on the front screen.A digital stroboscope on fitting the top of the tank and on adjusting the frequency the waves seems to be stationary on the screen.

Apparatus consists of:

  1.  Digital stroboscope x 1
  2.  Holder for stroboscope x 1
  3.  Lever arm for stroboscope x 1
  4.  Vibrator x 1
  5.  Lever arm x 1
  6.  Holder for lever arm x 1
  7.  Fixing pivot x 1
  8.  Height adjustment x1
  9.  Accessories kit x 1
  10.  Connecting cables x 1
  11.  Mirror x 1
  12.  Screen x 1
  13.  Detachable legs x 3
  14.  Transverse- front legs x 1
  15.  Angles for screen x 2
  16.  Water tank x 1
  17.  Glass units x 1

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 42 × 15 × 9 cm


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