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Rolling 24Training Case USB Alumin Table

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The SmartLabs Tablet Case is an ultra-mobile tablet transportation case made from lightweight, rigidised aluminium fitted with a high-density foam inlay that is specially designed to fit various tablet makes and models for peace-of-mind protection around each tablet. The addition of wheels with a telescopic handle makes the case easy to manoeuvre by one person which is especially important. The SmartLabs Tablet Case can be ordered with a 24 port USB charging solution within the case to recharge the tablet from an electrical outlet. As standard, SmartLabs Tablet Case is fitted with butterfly latches that can be locked with a Padlock, even while charging. The optional charging solution has two fans that, in combination with the air vent, circulates air through the SmartLabs Tablet Case, improving security and reducing the risk of theft while charging.

The SmartLabs Tablet Case is used where the devices are required to be moved vast distances on a regular basis. The SmartLabs Training Case is especially handy for transporting tablets in a vehicle or in a multi-story school.


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