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Precise instrument for measuring the composition of light, determination of refractive index of solids or liquids and exploring other related optical concepts. Al lows students to perform prism and grating spectrometry. High quality optics ensures sharp spectral images while precision machining and fitting allows for precise rotation and accurate measurement. The turntable is mounted on heavy bearings and can be rotated about vertical axis. Streamlined body to avoid crevices around fittings. Holding pillars for both, telescope and collimator, of solid metal block to provide ruggedness and durability. Has a heavy, sturdy, stable cast metal base, with scratch resistant epoxy-coating. The general finish of the apparatus is similar to that of the intermediate model. The instrument is mounted on a baseboard, which fits into a polished hardwood case-Scale: Main scale about 150mm in diameter is fixed on the turntable that also holds telescope. Scale is precision engraved 0-360

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Dimensions 17 × 16.5 × 16.5 cm


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