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Tablet Locker 24 – USB Charger


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The SmartLabs Tablet Locker 24 is designed to store and recharge 24 tablets, within a secure tablet
unit that can be fixed on a wall as an individual security and charging device or as a stackable
multi-door tablet locker that is securely fixed to the floor with a security stand.

Each SmartLabs Tablet Locker 24 has two (2) removable drawers with a high density inlay, protecting
the devices inside the storage compartment. The individual drawers containing twelve tablets each can
be easily transported between classrooms. Thanks to the removable drawers, the tablet locker can be
stored in a secure central vault or strong room. Charging is possible due to the SmartLabs 24 Port USB
Charger that charges all 24 tablets simultaneously from one electrical outlet. The use of the SmartLabs
24 Port Charger means that the manufacturer’s charger can be used to charge from an electrical outlet
when the device is not in the SmartLabs Tablet Locker 24.

The Tablet Locker is commonly used in academic institutions that require storage and charging
capabilities for bulk tablets within one central room.

• Tablet locker floor stand – 150mm height
• Tablet locker stacking bolt kit
• Tablet locker wall mounting kit
• Customised & replaceable foam inlays


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