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Worcester Circuit Board


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This product provides the basis for clear layouts of electrical circuits and reduces the number of connecting leads required. The main component is a base board fitted with cell holders and terminal posts. Also supplied are items for elementary experiments. By the addition of ammeters and voltmeters (not provided) such experiments can be developed to give quantitative results.

The cell holders accommodate three cells which can be used singly or in series combinations. Connections from the cells to the terminal posts are made with coloured leads, each with a 4mm plug on one end and a crocodile clip on the other. Plated and sprung brass straps are used to connect neighbouring terminal posts. These straps are particularly useful when setting up components ‘in parallel’. Other connectors include crocodile clips, coloured leads with crocodile clips at both ends, bare and plastic covered copper wire. Included with the baseboard are 1.25V, 0.25A bulbs with holders and straps for connecting to terminal posts. These bulbs can safely be used with 1.5V dry cells, making use of the voltage drop that occurs when current is taken. A 50? variable resistor (rheostat) fitted with connection straps, mounted bell pushes (which can double as switches), a fixed resistor, a rectifier (diode), a collection of conducting materials (bare copper wire, resistance wire, pencil leads, steel wool, etc.) and a hardboard disc which can be used with the iron nails provided, as a base board external to the main board.

Suggestions for experiments:

  • Series and parallel connections of light bulbs, with due regard to the source voltage(s) required.
  • The use of a light bulb as an indicator of current magnitude
  • The conducting properties of different conducting materials
  • The control of currents using switches and the variable resistor
  • The properties of a variable resistor (rheostat) and a rectifier (diode). For more advanced students these investigations can have a quantitative basis if suitable measuring instruments (voltmeter and ammeter) are available.


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